The Bristol City Mission Society was formed in 1826 for interdenominational Christian Outreach, and in particular to provide physical and spiritual help to those in need.

However in recent times the traditional work of the Society has changed and the society has become a co-ordinating body to the Churches which resulted from the earlier Missionary work. 

Many things have happened since we were established, but the need still remains and we are currently looking at how the society can return to its former ways in not only promoting the Gospel message but helping those in need also. 

At the moment there are three locations from which the Society is operating. Crofts End Church, Great George St. Church and Owen St Mission.

Each of the Churches of the society differ in terms of history, organisation and situation. And for more information about them please visit their websites.


For a brief resume on Crofts End Church visit the tab on this website or for more information  click here 


For Great George St. Church again visit the tab above or alternatively to go to their own website  click here



For information about Owen St. Mission please click here.



Some of the history of the Bristol City Mission Society can be found in the Mission of Mercy book, which was written by Ronald Cleves.  


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