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A brief overview of what we do can be found below, however a book called     

"Mission of Mercy" was published in 1975, detailing the history of the

Bristol City Mission Society and provides much more information than we can place here. 

You can download a PDF of this by clicking on the tab below.

Since 1975 the number of Churches has decreased and now only 2 remain. These are     Crofts End Church and Great George Street Church. They both have their own websites and the links to these can be found below.   


The leaders of the major cities were aware of the poverty and distress in their own slum areas, however it was the concern of Mission Societies in centres like Bristol who, with the support of other local churches, went amongst the people living in deprivation, and poverty, and in the name of Christ, gave them new hope. It was  was with this in mind that the Bristol City Mission was first started. 

The aims of the organisation changed over the years as more City Mission Churches were "born" and working amongst the poor started to wain, with more effort being made towards bringing people into the Church.

Since 2018, through the work at Great George Street and in partnership with Crofts End work amongst those in poverty has been restored. 

We aim to be Churches at the hub of our local communities, as well as being a place of worship on a Sunday. A range of events and activities are often being held to support and engage with those living near our Churches. 

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